WoRST Job Ever

The 80's Rewind, Labor Day 1999

A student came into my office today and looked at one of the pictures I keep on my desk.

“Is that you in that picture?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure is.  From back in the day…”

“Wow, you look really different in this picture.”

“Yeah,” I chuckle, “Yeah, it was a while ago now.”

“Yeah, I mean, you look… a lot happier in this picture.”

I laugh again.  “Well,” I say, “That’s, uh… ha.  Well.  Yeah, there’s probably some truth to that observation.”

2 thoughts on “WoRST Job Ever”

  1. You should have said, “Yeah, it was college, not the real world a-hole.”

    Although I still ponder if Lorch has ever attempted to grow facial hair after 25+ years of knowing his ass……..

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