Got back to podcasting with Bryan yesterday after taking a couple weeks off while he’s been in play rehearsals, and other stuff conspired against our regular schedule.

I thought it was a pretty good show; we mostly went over the Oscar ballot and chatted about the movies that we’d seen.

One of the tough things about podcasting for me is sort of similar to the issue that I think I’ve had with the blog in the past: how do you come up with enough material to talk about without being all over the board?  There are times that I feel like the BryGuy show is a bit scattered, but that’s been the nature of program we wanted to do.  I think we’re at our best when we sort of branch off-topic and have some good jokes to tell.

Podcasting is a fun hobby for me, because I always enjoyed working at the radio station in college, and it lets me continue to scratch that itch without having to be too responsible for anything.  The editor/producer in me always wants to critique our work and improve the product, but how much time would I need to do that?  How much better could the show(s) get?  Why should I stress myself out about an activity that’s just supposed to be fun?

It sort of makes me wonder about other people’s hobbies.  Obviously, with every activity a person does, you can either be good, bad, or so-so at it.  I think we’re generally so-so podcasters.  But maybe that’s OK. Who’s judging?

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