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So here I at MSP Intern’tl Airport.  The flight out of Bzn was delayed about half an hour cuz of fog.  Then the plane arrived at gate G-40, which is at precisely the opposite end of this gigantic airport from my departure gate, A-14.  All that did was to keep me from having both a beer and a meal.  There was only time for a beer (6.00) and a king-size Snickers (1.25) from the vending machine.  This leads me to an observation about candy bar sales — there is far less frequently an option to even get a regular-sized bar (this machine being an example of that) so why even call the ‘king-size’ such?  The way I see it, the candy bars were a hell of a lot bigger when I was a kid anyway, so let’s just cut the crap, y’know what I’m sayin?

Whew.  A 24-oz, 6-dollar Sam Adams will make you go off about stuff.  It will also make this little pda keyboard look fuzzy, so I’ll wrap this up.

The only other comment I really needed to make was about women.  There were at least a half-dozen GORGEOUS ones on the flight from Bzn this morning, all accompanied by their husbands/boyfriends.  I think the odds of meeting a normal, single one go down a little every day.

Oh, that, and I met a bloke at the bar coming from Colorado Springs on his way to Dayton and then to Japan on Sunday.  Apparently, this eastbound detour (to his hometown) saved him 200 dollars on the fare.  Sometimes the planets are just aligned, I guess.  More from ER.

Oh a PS after I got on this plane: I am glad I had a drink first.  I will be impressed if this thing leaves the ground.