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100% Paperless?

I was getting some work pushed through this morning, and I realized that there are times that trying to go “all-digital” is more trouble than it’s worth. I was scouring through the network share for a couple minutes, looking for a form, when finally I realized, “I could have been done with this if I just wrote it down on a piece of paper.”

I’m all about not having tons of paper sitting around the office, and I hate file drawers, chasing around for information, etc. But there are some simple things that a damned memo pad is still the best and easiest thing.

I wish the forms and the procedures manual at work were better organized. It would make things a lot easier. I don’t think that falls into my job description, though.

I’m working on setting up a time to take a look at a couple of the condos I saw listings for earlier in the week. I sent an email the mortgage dude at the bank and he suggested that I look at some properties that would be a little more expensive as well. I just don’t know. It seems like the numbers he sent me are within the range that *I* know I could afford for housing. Like I said to Michelle, it just makes me want to talk to lots more people about this before I make any decisions. Buying a house is sort of a big deal, right?

OK, well my lunch is just about over and I didn’t actually get to eat. The union was mobbed with new freshmen and their parents. Gotta love orientation. Say it with me: I’ll orient you in the FACE.