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Milwaukee Opener..!

Headed out the door shortly to get started on the opening day festivities– Schrubbe came down last night, and we’re going to run to the grocery store before braving the traffic mess.

Looking forward to a good game.  The Brewers are a lot better than San Fran on paper, so I think the day should end happily for the hometown crowd.  I’ll try to send up some photos throughout the day onto the Flickrs, so keep an eye out if you’re bored at work.
I would be able to blog from my seat if the fracking “post-via-email” thing would work right.  I might dick with that a little bit over the weekend.

Catch you after the game!

(We Might Have) Time for an Opener

The Crew is in Chicago for Opening Day of the baseball season today, and with the weather that’s predicted, they *might* even get to play.

Either way, if you need a ticket, apparently there are still some available.  I checked online, but declined to buy the single seat in the “dugout box” area for $300.00.

Most publications and prognosticators are picking the Brewers to finish 2nd in the Central this year behind the Cubs.  Milwaukee definitely has a lot of if’s about it (if Sheets stays healthy, if the rest of the rotation holds up, if the Boston-version of Gagne doesn’t show up, if the rest of the bullpen plays their best ball, if none of the young everyday guys regresses, if Jason Kendall is a steadying force behind the plate, and if they can weather the 25 games without Mike Cameron in center), but they could be in for a special year.  Baseball is always a game of if’s, and the speculating, measuring, and analyzing the day-to-day is what a lot of people love about it.

A lot of other people just love the atmosphere of summertime and the ballpark.  That’s why I’ll be there 15 to 20 times this season, starting on Friday against the Giants.  That’s also the reason that, despite the question marks, they Brewers are going to sell a LOT of tickets this year.  They’ve got a very legitimate shot of going over 3 million through the turnstiles this year.

Good luck Brew Crew– catch you at home this weekend after a (hopefully) successful series down south!