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Nothing Important Happened Today

An oven operating at 50% capacity (half the heating elements shot) is going to take a looong time to heat up (just FYI).

Work is getting really busy again this time of year, as all the kids who need money for the spring are showing up around the office.  Even some of the ones that still need money for the fall (who are mostly screwed) are stopping by.  In any case, it’s a lot of phone calls, a lot of file reviews, and a lot of “go get yourself a loan.”  Hence, not a lot of “time to kill” during the day.  Which is probably a good thing.

I did take some time out at lunch today, and after reading Wil Wheaton’s blog, I made the uncanny discovery that I can’t believe evaded me somehow until now– I found my way to loadingreadyrun.com.  This is the sort of entertainment that makes me feel like I’ll never miss television at all.  I’ve only watched a couple episodes of this web-show, but I can say this confidently, as a regular consumer of TV: that’s a lot of crap on the networks that’s written a lot worse.  What a backhanded compliment.  Seriously, though, if you are geek, or you know geeks, take a look.

Oops, time to check up on dinner.  Anyway, have yourself a pleasant Wednesday evening…