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Back to the Movies

I like to tease Michelle about how she doesn’t like movies.  Let me clear one thing up, with the straightest face possible, dead-seriously, no kidding:  Michelle likes movies.  She has seen her fair share.  Generally, we just don’t enjoy the same sorts of movies.

I’ve showed her some that I think she would not have otherwise considered watching (Garden State immediately comes to mind) and gotten positive feedback.  Others, she would not have otherwise watched and now probably regrets the time spent on them (Goodfellas is the best example I can think of here).

One that I was recently surprised to find out she missed when we were kids is Back to the Future.  I can remember seeing it for the first time at Grandma & Grandpa’s house during the summer  (probably the same summer that we convinced Grandma to rent us Ferris Bueller’s Day Off— which she was not impressed with).  It seemed like a picture that is right up Michelle’s alley; it’s got some of her favorite things:

  • the 50’s
  • a dog
  • a happy ending
  • “hooking up”

I quickly predicted that this movie would rocket into her Top Five All-Time list.  When the movie was over, I found out Michelle has not actually compiled such a list.  But, she did enjoy it.  I don’t think she’d like the sequels as much, so they’re not going to be “required viewing.”  I noted that BTTF is probably my mom’s #1 or #2 movie all-time– it’s probably neck-and-neck with Blast from the Past.

Do we see a theme here?

Still Tied

Brewers almost had a big comeback yesterday afternoon, but it wasn’t in the cards.

The division race is still hotly contested, though, and that’s not likely to change for the rest of the season. In fact, I have to get online and buy my playoff tickets in about 40 minutes.

I thought this was a very cool little interview with pitcher Seth McClung, who up til now has spent his career in the Devil Rays organization:
It’s the second heading in ‘Notes’

I’m excited that Mom and Dad are down here this weekend and we’re going to get to watch a couple games (Dad and I are, anyway). This “playoff atmosphere” in the throes of a pennant chase is probably the closest Mom and Dad are going to get to being at a playoff game. Definitely looking forward to it…

That IS a Good Idea…

My folks (mostly Mom) have been telling me that when I move this time, I should think about buying a home. They think I should do this despite the fact that I have no money for a down payment, and I’m struggling to find a place that I can afford to rent in Milwaukee.

At first, this didn’t seem very feasible. But, after filling out some pre-approval paperwork with my bank and looking at some listings for condos on the web that Mom sent to me, it might turn out to be a good idea. I’ve said for a while that if I can own a place for the same price that it’s costing me to rent, why not?

So, I’ll make some calls tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. There is potential for excitement here…

Present, If Not Accounted For

Lemme just break down the high-level stuff for you this morning:

– Memorial Day: good. Drive was OK. Tough getting out of town on I-43, but it loosened up sooner than I thought it would. I got about 42 miles/gallon on the trip. Helped Dad with splitting/stacking wood on Saturday, then on Sunday, the splitter puked. Dad’s afraid he needs a new engine or something. That could suck. Sunday, I met Petters out at the T-Bird. It was my first time there since Knitt was drinking, but pretty much all the same people were there. I think I even saw one of Knitt’s uncles or cousins or whomever.

– Work: fine. It’s all the same crap that I was doing before, but with less hawking. I’m starting to get a sense of the office cliques and figuring out who-hates-who. I was recruited for one of the groups and shot down membership by effectively stating, “I don’t give a good goddamn about any of that shit. I work, I go home, I come back.”

– Apt search: sucks. I passed on a 2-bdrm on WI Ave after Michelle talked me back into my actual price range. I also have no chance of purchasing a home for the foreseeable future. Not that I was really desperately itching to do either, but that revelation also made me realize that I probably won’t be able to afford getting married or having a kid any time in my 30s.

– Brewers: on notice. Went to the game last night w/ Lorch for zero monies (he had vouchers for free tix from eating pizza). It was nice to see them finally get a win, but one cannot escape the fact that in any other division, this team would have squandered a substantial lead.

– Time: out for now.