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Diamond-STUDded Epiphanies

Getting some stuff done around the house this morning, and I wanted to listen to the CD that somebody at work lent to me while I was at it:

I heard a couple of Neil’s tracks on one of the Christmastime streams I’ve been listening to on the web. I realized a few things while I’ve had this record on:

1. Neil Diamond is the only guy who could get women to throw their panties on the stage while singing “O Holy Night”
2. If Neil had been born 20-25 years later, he would have been the frontman for the ass-kicking-est punk band in the history of man
3. If Neil and Springsteen toured together, it would be called The Suck It World, Y’All My Bitches Tour

… I dunno, something about Neil Diamond– every song he sings, no matter how mellow he tries to be, it sounds like it should be played at 4000 decibles from the floor of Madison Square Garden.