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What a Wonderful World It Would Be

After an evening spent shopping in West Allis, I am more certain than ever that everyone, everywhere would have a simpler, less stressful life if they would just do what I know is best for them.

Here are the Top Five Dumbest-Shit Things That I Observed on my shopping trip this evening:
5. A 30-yr-old man and his mother, utterly befuddled by the inseam measurements on pants, and what those numbers *really* mean…
4. A 14-yr-old boy wearing a Jameson t-shirt (shopping with his dad). Yeah, kiddo, I’m sure you really enjoy the Irish whiskey…
3. A man legitimately trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. Seriously? Have you read *one* product review in the last five years?
2. A young woman browsing at DVDs and LOUDLY talking on her cell phone about the physical incompatibility between herself and her last sex partner. Some things are just better left to the imagination, sweetie.
1. A young woman asking a sales associate at Target if they sell doorknobs. I can see the Menards across the street from the parking lot…

‘Nuff said, on all fronts. The Crew is in trouble again in the 7th. But against Pittsburgh. I’ll be damned an’ shit.

Closing Up

You’ll probably notice the server going offline for a bit later on today. I start my new job at UWM on Monday, and I’m going to relocate this box to the Mundschaus’ house for a few weeks until I have someplace to live.

Brief recap of my last weekend “living” in Oshkosh:
Met up w/ Knitt and Michelle on Friday. Joe and I had a cigar and a game of darts after he got done with work. The three of us went to Peabody’s, but no one else showed up. *shrugs* We still had a good time.

Yesterday, Michelle and I tried to shop for a Brewers jersey in Appleton, but the only sizes on the rack were for the excessively heavy gentleman. I might have to try ordering something online.

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then later we went to Dick’s Halfway Inn for Dave Schrubbe’s graduation party. We met his GF, which was neat, and had a good time in general.

OK, well– gotta finish getting ready and then head down to MKE. Next time I write, I will be in a different zip code.