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The last couple nights I’ve had trouble getting right to sleep really early, so that I can get ‘plenty of rest.’ On Sunday night, I didn’t go to sleep until shortly after midnight, and last night I sat awake in bed until about 12:30. Last night I was going to archive some old emails over to the server, but I wound up reading them instead. I’ve said it before, but I’m repeating because it’s true: I was funnier in 2003. I started to lose it in 2004, and by 05, I was the dense, festering lump of flesh you see before you today. Not sure what happened there.

But I digress.

Point was that in spite of not getting what one could call a desirable amount of sleep, I was up before the alarm both days, ready to get moving at about 5:40. Yesterday, I didn’t even hit a wall later in the day or whatever.

But, I did notice this morning that I was a little groggy when I got off the bus, and I think it’s because I was reading. I don’t know about you, but any time it’s late and I can’t fall asleep, I just open a book, and unless it’s remarkably compelling, I will be out in under 10 pages. I’m pretty sure I was dealing with the same effect here.

So, no more reading on the bus on the way into work. Unless it’s just the paper (i.e., Internet). That’s still OK. Newspapers are short, relatively speaking.

Also, listening to Streaming soundtracks this morning, and the main title from E.T. is waaaaaaay too long.

I really don’t like that movie.