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It Was a Nice Weekend

Had a time overall this past weekend– on Friday, I went out for a couple drinks with some people from work at Bar Louie, in the Bayshore mall.  Kyle met me there just before 7 and picked me up to drive back toward my place and hang out.  Good to see the K-Man; Michelle and I agreed that it will be nice when Robin comes out of hiding in the future, too…  😛

We decided to have a couple beers at the American Legion post 331, just across Wilson Ave from my house.  Ever since I moved to Shorewood, Michelle and I have been talking (partly tongue-in-cheek) about dropping in there for the fish fry on a Friday night.  When Kyle and I got there, there was still quite a bit of fish being slung, and the atmosphere did not disappoint.  We had pint-tappers of High Life for 2.50.  Not bad at all.  Michelle joined us a bit later, but by then, it was about time for everyone to head out and get some sleep before our respective Saturdays.

Michelle had to get up even earlier than me (!!) in order to make it to Watertown for judging a cheer competition.  I just needed to be ready for Sarah & Brian to pick me up at around 12:30 for our trip to Fort Atkinson.  We were en route to Brad & Mindy’s place for a day out to bid farewell to Todd & Marcia; they are heading to Laos, where Marcia will be working on a project for her PhD.  They’re going to be gone for several months, so it was nice for everyone to get together for an evening out.  Photos from this event are in the Day to Day gallery ((Speaking of photos, I’ve uploaded some from our Twin Cities weekend, too; I only had a few, but they are in the TwinCities gallery)).

On Sunday, we made a quick shopping detour in Johnson Creek before making it back to Milwaukee.  We caught most of the Super Bowl (well, at least half of it) over at Chris/Bob/Justin’s place.  The second half of the game was pretty exciting!  I felt bad for Jason Hill, who was the only Steelers fan in the place.  Personally, I didn’t have a horse in that race, so I was rooting for some of friends who were watching (whoooo!!  Eat that lii’ smoky weiner!!!).

One thing I did discover over the balance of the weekend is that I will need more discipline in order to stick to a schedule on those off-days.  It’s hard to carve up your time the right way when you might go out and not know exactly when you’re getting in (or how late you’ll sleep).  I might just have to “power through” and do my best on those days…

Well, plenty to get done around here before the end of my short day; I have to leave work around 3:30 to head to Madison for a “Recruitment & Outreach” presentation.  Gonna be a late night, but I’m taking some This American Life with me, so I should be golden…

Early to Bed, and All That Sorta Crap

I was reading a post from Lifehacker this morning, and while some of the linked tips therein have a greater application to people who are a lot busier during their days than I generally am, the idea of getting up early and having a productive morning made me think back to living in Bozeman.

Particularly in the spring of that year, even though I had no job and no place to be other than class twice a week in the evening, I tried very hard to get myself to bed at 10 every night, and I got up around 5 every morning. I remember feeling really good about waking up, and there’s no doubt that I felt more creative and productive when I got a jump on things.

I’m thinking that I might have time for more interesting blogging first thing in the AM (shrugs). It’s worth a shot anyway, so I’ll try to keep you up to date and let you know how it goes…

Couple Misc. Notes:
– Super Bowl was pretty lame. It was interesting through the first half, but the Bears D really wore down as the game went on (prolly had something to do with the fact the offense couldn’t stay on the field– I’m looking at you, Rex). Joe and April came over, though, and we had Randy Balls, pizza, and grilled cheese sam’iches.
– I helped Michelle file her taxes, but I screwed something up and she’s actually due another 160 bucks or so. We’ll have to put through an amendment.
– Michelle really likes the idea of being able to easily share you camera-phone pics on the web, so she set herself up a Flickr acct yesterday, too. Only a couple pics so far, but watch for more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuck2thefloor