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Still Hooked After All These Years

Caught myself watching VH1 for a while this evening while I was making dinner and getting some stuff done on the ‘tubes.  They were showing the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s.  It’s basically exactly the same thing as I Love the 90s, but without any other pop culture references– just the music.

I have to admit that I still get caught up in these lame VH1 shows whenever I come across them on the dial.  It all started with I Love the 80s, and since then, I think VH1, as a network, has just turned into one non-stop greatest hits album, with an endless commentary track by Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks.  It’s really stupid.  And yet I can’t look away.

What is it about pop culture that I find so compelling?  I really have no interest in pop culture as it happens, but in retrospective summary, I eat it up like a fat kid on Halloween.  Just can’t get enough.

And for the record, as soon as I saw the title of the program, I KNEW that Smells Like Teen Spirit would be #1.  That’s just the way that network rolls…