Still deciding whether or not this font is going to work for the page as a whole in the long run. Still deciding whether or not this is the format I like for the “blog,” still deciding on a number of things, but realizing that if I didn’t get something up, and soon, we’d be left with nothing but a glorified Word document for another semester, and wouldn’t that be boring as hell?

I struggled over the last few days trying in vain to learn how to successfully use either Macromedia’s fine web publishing software, Dreamweaver, or Adobe’s offering, GoLive, with minimal success at best. I was chatting with Nick Petters about it, and concluded two things:
1. This is just a little, personal website for chrissakes.
2. I need to be able to set all the stuff I want on the page, then easily grab them, move them around, etc.

So here I am, back where I started, on Microsoft Publisher. Eh, it’s what I know.

What else do I know, you ask. I have yet to be in class, but that’s ok, because my first week back in Bozeman was chock full of movin-movin fun. The Family & Graduate Housing office called me, quite unexpectedly, last Tuesday to say they had an opening in the building I wanted to live in from the start. I hadn’t anticipated that call for a couple months at least, so it was kind of a rush to pack everything up, arrange to move it, then get the goods over to my new pad. Here’s a link to an “info” page on where I’m living, complete with floor plan.
Oh yes, and here’s the video, first one of the Spring semester, taken amidst the shambles of the new apartment on Saturday morning, the day after I did the bulk of the move. I was quite glad to get help from the boys from Johnstone, as well as Ewan & Meredith with their jeep, and Meredith’s personal sacrifice of the use of one of her digits, given up to protect my television.

You will notice that some of the links above don’t work yet. Generally, if they are blue, they work, if not, still a work in progress. As the days go on, we’ll come up to full operating capacity, but at the moment, the site’s on auxiliary power, moving at half-impulse.

Well, time to start getting ready for the class I am ill-prepared for, thanks to my non-having of the loan surplus check I need to buy books, hope all the reading wasn’t reeeeeally important, but what can you do sometimes?

Oh, finally, Erika celebrates a birthday today, so click here to send the gal a beer, her address is “Erika_Joy_ at Excite dot com”

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