Damn, I guess I shouldn’t have hoped for snow around here, or wondered repeatedly and openly why the hell none was showing up. Cuz now it won’t stop. Last Tuesday we finally had a significant snow, with about 6 inches overnight, and since then it’s snowed… three..? days and we’ve got another 4 at least. Today it’s really wet and thick, and I was walking around campus early this morning, all the snow was sticking to my hat and coat. I had to shovel the lobby after I shook off inside.

Class wasn’t bad yesterday, the consensus of my closest colleagues in there was that it’ll be nice not to have to write a short paper on the readings every week. But, it’s time, of course, to start thinking about what I’m going to write my seminar paper for that class about. And I have to think about what my thesis is going to be on as well… Oi. The paper that I wrote for Composition Theory last semester was well-received by Phil, my prof in that class, so what I think I’m going to do is have some of my classmates and/or other professors read it, see if there’s something there I could expand on. Who the hell knows?

After class, I joined fellow English folk Mike and Natalie at Ben’s house for dinner and most of a movie. It was nice. I spent 2.59 on salad dressing at the grocery store, though, so today I had to rush to the bank and put 3 bucks into my account so as not to be overdrawn in case the check I wrote to Pizza Hut last weekend for 10.49 goes through today. This bein’ broke crap really sucks. Apparently, my loan surplus check is getting cut today, so I hope I have it in the mail by Saturday. I could reeeeeeeeeeeally use a little money; y’know, bills and whatnot. Anyhoo, check up on the Interesting & Factual Tales, the first one of Volume 2 is online today. It’s about traveling again, this time my mini-adventure on the voyage home to Bozeman last week Monday.

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