As in, the opposite of “income.” For those who want to be “in the know,” yes, I did get that loan check I was itchin’ for on Saturday. I paid my rent, paid my web server rent, bought dishes, bought shelves for the living room, bought my books for class, bought some groceries, and bought some crap I need for the computer (a new CD-RW drive among the crap).

I also did a rudimentary budget for the semester, since that plan seemed to work out so well for me last time. I wrote all my checks for all my regular & static bills, so I know exactly how much I have to spend on the eating and any sort of entertainment that I care to enjoy. The final verdict? I need to find a job reeeeeal bad. This is one of my goals for the day, I’m going to head to the union and check out the “employment” office, see if they’ve got anything for me. As I told Joe M yesterday, I’m looking for something with lots of mindless paper or computer work at a desk; y’know, a job I’m reeeally qualified for.

The sun’s shining again today, after some snow again last night. The temp had been in the 40’s for three days, and most all of the snow/ice was gone from the roads, then it rained for about an hour before turning to snow, so you can bet walking and driving are fairly treacherous today.

It occurs to me that I should call Ewan & Meredith, find out what happened to their jeep.

You should really see these mountains. It’s somethin’ else, on a nice day like this. The “out the window” shot really does them no justice.

Hey, buy me a digital camera if you’ve got the cash and inclination.

Oh, the Writings section is now online, but it’s all stuff that was on the old site as well, so… well, I guess Blender has been revised, so that may be worth your time. I dunno, whatever.

Finally, in about… 4 hours, Katie Mac is going to be taking a GRE test. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is the college equivalent of the SAT or ACT. It’s the test they give you to find out what you learned in college, intended to reveal whether you’ve accumulated enough knowledge to go to grad school. Understandably, Katie’s a bit nervous going in… if you wanna know about nervous, just ask D Slotten. Anyhoo, if you happen to remember, send Katie some positive energy right around quarter-to-three Central.

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