Birthday Season

Yes, here we are, a third birthday in less than two weeks! Raymond Chris Lorch, turnin’ the big 2-4 this very day. Please click here and send him a birthday beer: lorchrc at hotmail dot com.

Well, since the last time I was here, I had my first visitor from WI stop out to see me, also my first overnight guest since Dad left Johnstone Hall back in August. Mark Knuetson was on his way his way to Seattle with his mother, Chris, and it was a nice visit. We went out to dinner at Montana Ale Works, which is in a building that I think we all agreed had once been… something else. Either some sort of warehouse or a train station or something. I looked for a picture of it, but couldn’t find one, so… eh.

Mark and I that night went to Hasting’s, then to Barnes & Noble. I bought two things, both per Mark’s advice. The first, at Hasting’s was a movie: Sexy Beast, starring Ben Kingsley. I paid six dollars for a used copy, and on our way out of the store, I said to Mark that just about any movie is worth six dollars. Six dollars, I said, was one bad decision at the box office. Even if I think the movie sucks ass (and I’ve been assured I won’t) it was six dollars. I mean, I’ve got six dollars, I might as well just throw it in the street.

The second thing I bought was a book, Mark told me he read it last summer. And while certain mutual acquaintances of ours would rather see Mark reading screenplays in his wealth of spare time, I’m glad he read House of Leaves, or there’s no chance I ever would’ve picked it up. I’ve only just begun to read it, but already I can tell I’ll enjoy it. I like to read contemporary, progressive fiction, because I figure it can only help my own writing to see what’s on the cutting edge of literature.

Speaking of which, we also talked some about Blender, the only short story I’ve ever finished, and it was helpful to get another person’s input. That always helps with writing. The draft that I have posted right now I hope to replace with a new one some time in the near future, as the conversation brought my long-term intentions for that work back to mind.

I’ve decided just now that it would be fun to put up a single mp3 selection from the “what I listened to” CD along with the site updates. Since I have the space.

Well, I suppose I oughta save some of what I’ve got to say for tomorrow. Later today I’ve got to pick up some cheap hoops-playin shoes, ’cause I’m going to toss the rock with my friend from class, Ben. I’ve also gotta get primed up for Daredevil, and make sure I’ve got all I need to have to actually get the beer-makin done tomorrow. That whole situation actually is going to work out well, since I would’ve been gone to LA when it had been up for a month, had I made the beer last weekend. Anyway.

You should also take some time to give a read to the latest Interesting & Factual Tale, which, if nothing else, I had a good time writing.

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