Massive apologies for the Video That Wasn’t over the weekend… I totally forgot to take the camera when I went to the beer store, and then there were circumstances that led to me not having time to even make the beer, and then Sunday was full of things that had to get done prior to Monday, and, well… *sighs* here we are right now.

Good news is that a “filler” sort of video is here for you, and seeing as last week was a total disappointment, this week there shall be two (this being the first).

Tomorrow, Mark Knuetson is supposed to stop by on his way to Seattle. He’s going there to live with a cousin and her husband for awhile as he looks for a job (then hopefully) a place of his own. The way I understand it, he’s hopin for good things, but, if after a month, it’s looking bleak, he goes back home to Monroe. Not a bad plan. I’m just really excited to be getting my first visitor from back home out in Boze-ville.

Speaking of which, I may or may not have some Keifers out this way for the spring break season… Eric is taking off during Christine’s break from school, and they hope to be visiting the University of Oregon, one of the schools Eric is considering for graduate work. I talked to them back on Friday, and he got one acceptance so far — to U-Conn?, which is PDC (stand for pretty damn cool).

Speaking of the weekend and Pretty Damn Cool, Marquette beat #15 Wake Forest on Sunday, improving their season record to 17-3, and moving up to 11th in both major polls. Awesome. I find it easy to justify my loyalty to MU over WI’s other D-1 program given that my older sis Jen is a Marquette alum and I lived for a spell in MKE, and never in Madison.

On a related topic, Jen’s birthday was today, I called twice, but got the message both times… I assume that she was sleeping the first time and at work the second, so, no big deal. I sent a card. She’s 26 now, and it would be just fine for you to send a belated beer to jenjedi at yahoo dot com.

In other Jen-ish news, she finally got her commission over the weekend as well. Thanks to Joe M for sending a picture. And way to go, Sis.

Sticking with that “Falsehood” theme, my PDA led me astray for the first time this weekend regarding movie showtimes. It said that About Schmidt would be playing at the Rialto, and it was a stone-faced lie. I was unpleased.

You want more unpleasantness from the weekend? Oh, I can dig some up. The reason that I didn’t have time to make the beer on Saturday is that I became consumed with a city-wide quest for a case of beer in returnable bottles. I need these, of course, to bottle the product I will be brewing myself. After checking in every grocery and liquor store with the Bozeman city limits (and this is a spread-out town, lemme tell ya), I returned home in failure and looked up the phone numbers for the local beer distributors. Turns out that none of the nations leading brewers (Miller, Budweiser, Coors) distribute returnables ANYWHERE IN THE GREAT STATE OF MONTANA. Holy man, I told Ed that I was floored. So after communicating the reality of my fruitless search to the Wolff family, they agreed to take me to Costco (which is the MT version of Sam’s Club for those of you reading from home) to get some wholesale-priced local beers in re-cappable bottles.

I went through that whole story just so I could say that I found one that I picked up only cuz they had an airplane on the label and it’s really good.
Sorry for the lax attitude about the updates last week, but after I got the desk, I actually found myself sitting at the computer a bit less. This may actually be a good thing, as last semester, I spend virtually every moment I was at home in front of it. Regardless, the good news for those of you who enjoy regular updates is that I have a full week-and-a-half schedule all plotted out, so stop back in the near future.

Right now, I’ve gotta go to bed…

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