Case of the Mondays

Howdy… Not a lot of time, but thought I would drop a quick word on this Monday afternoon… Lemme tell ya something about reading dry, boring, academic books: it sucks even more the second time around. I had to read a book today for class that we already read in a different class last semester as well, and while this allowed my reading to be a bit less thorough, it was just as boring. Next week we get to read new stuff, so… well, actually, is that any better? Eh.

Hey, I’ve had inquiries as to when the list of Saddest Songs Ever Written is going to be up on the site, and it should be Wednesday or Thursday. I may put it off until the latter so as to give Thursday something special all its own. A nice gesture, I think. In the meantime, you can still let me know what YOU think the Saddest Song Ever Written is.

Back to my book re-view now…

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