So here we are, a Tuesday, late in the morning, Tuesday being the day that I usually like to have a new Interesting & Factual Tale ready to go up. Unfortunately, I haven’t thought much at all about what that Tale should be. Consequently, I sit here and ramble on whilst I think on’t.

So far today, I’ve made the bed, vacuumed, washed dishes from yesterday, cleaned the bathroom, thought about cleaning the kitchen, watched 20 minutes of Price Is Right, put away some clothes that were laying around, and watched the outside temperature rise, very slowly, to the point now where I think I could go outside on the fire escape/balcony-ish area and have a smoke on my new pipe that came in the mail yesterday.

Now, make no mistake, I’m not looking to start a mean tobaccy habit here, but I thought it would be fun to smoke a big ol’ pipe time to time. It’s totally a style thing. I’m a big geek boy.

What else, what else? Haven’t played sheepshead ONCE online since I’ve been back here for the spring semester… came close once or twice, but never got all the way there. Hoping to remedy that tonight… if you wanna play and I haven’t gotten in touch with you, it means I didn’t know you were available, so let me know when is good for ya.

So I got the mail yesterday, and there was an envelope for me, it held my monthly credit card statement. It looked like it had been through the ringer, so I think I’ll use my own envelope to send that badboy in this month. Take a look at this thing.

I went to Leaf & Bean downtown to see Chris Cunningham play on Sunday evening, even though it was frickin cold as hell outside. It was pretty good. I’ve seen better shows, but I was still entertained.

I got all psyched up yesterday to “present” the discussion of this book I had to read to Monday’s class, and then we talked such a long time about all the other stuff we read, we didn’t have time. So all that preparation for nothin’. I’ll just have to do it next week instead I guess.

I decided I’m getting rid of the short-lived “mobile.the80srewind.net” site, cuz really, it’s kinda lame. I mean, just make some time to stop by, y’know? This is not to mention that there are days you really need pictures to make the blog effective, and, well… yeah it was stupid.

It’s really warmed up now, to -1 degree Fahrenheit, so I think I’m gonna go give this pipe a shot now.

Oh, and I DID think of something to write a Tale about, so check that out, too.

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