That’s the number of miles I’ve put on the car since February 1. Not that many. I’ve never driven less than I have in the time I’ve been here in Montana. It’s kind of strange, y’know? I now live in the third largest state in America in terms of land mass, but I used to drive a lot more in Wisconsin, a state about 2.7 times smaller than this one (145,552 sq mi in MT versus 54,310 in WI). Anyway, you’re supposed to get the oil changed in your car every 3 months or 3000 miles. I never ever, ever used to put less than 4000 miles on my car in three months. When I go back to Jiffy Lube on May 1, I won’t even have 500 miles since the last time.

Yeah, I’m back, how’s it going? I had a lot going on in March between spring break and then Grandpa passing away. Speaking of which, on behalf of Grandma, my parents, all the rest of my family, thanks very much to all of you who wished us well and prayed for us… specifically, thanks Kevin, Amanda, Kyle, Robin, Lorchie, Wordy, Devin, Eric, Christine, Mark, Greg, Josh, Joe, and Katie. Something important to remember is that we should keep praying for one another’s families and thank God for what we’ve got every day.

Phew. So, back to my little neglected cyber space…let’s see what else.

Saw a commercial this morning for Clorox bleach-powered cleaning products, kitchen spray and toilet tablets. The thing I don’t get is the toilet thingers: the way they sell it is, it cleans your bowl with a bleachy goodness every time you flush, killing all toilet bowl -residing germs. Question is this — are there people sticking their heads and/or limbs in toilets that I don’t know about? Do you really *need* to make sure all the germs are killed with every flush? What’s wrong with just a weekly scrub?

Today’s a class and I have a little homework to do, but lemme break down the week’s plans for ya (site-wise, I mean):
• Tuesday: Interesting & Factual Tale that has everything to do with the good ol’ days @ 456 High Avenue. Kyle should be particularly interested.
• Wednesday: A page with a collection of pictures captured from my vacation video. Working on creation of a web-friendly “trailer” if you will for the full-length LA Vacation Music Video, but not ready yet.
• Thursday: I’ll be on my way to Milwaukee for a Poquette wedding, so if you’re there, I’ll see you then.

And lemme see, quickly here, some misc news… I go for an interview at an insurance company in town here on Wednesday… I submitted Blender to SciFi?.com last week, they pay 20 cents/word if they decide to publish your work… I need to buy some coffee, but I forgot when I went to the grocery store today… speaking of that, I bought vitamins, cuz I’m pretty sure I’m malnourished; I noticed that I felt worn out really fast Saturday afternoon while I was playin basketball… instead of soda and ramen I bought Kool-Aid? and fruit.

Finally, If you want to buy a 13″ TV, I have one for sale, 50 bucks plus shipping.

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