One of the reasons I could really use a job, other than just the money that I don’t have: it would give me an excuse to shave every day. Currently, I’m on an “every three” plan, if that. Sometimes I’ve gone as many as 10 days between shaves, just because I don’t necessarily need to, and when I wake up at the crack of 9:30, I don’t feel like it.

Holy balls am I ever sick and tired of sitting in front of the laptop for the typing and the working and surfing and whatnot. My living room stayed a lot cleaner when I kept myself bound to the PC and the bedroom for the majority of any given day. Even if I *was* wasting the hours on needless bullshit, it felt less like that because at least I was getting some finger exercise.

I wish I could go to a doctor. I could get asthma meds and I’d probably be privy to run more often. As it stands, let’s say, just for example, I run down to the stop sign at 19th & Garfield and back (a trip that is probably equal to 1/3 mile or so). The hurt put on my lungs by such strenuous physical activity will take 4 or 5 days for recovery. By this I mean I’ll be wheezing and short of breathe for nearly a week afterwards. If I had some Albuterol or Ventolin or something, I could puff on that after a jog, then go back the next day and do the same. Just a thought. Anybody going to Mexico some time soon?

Unlike my colleague T Lucas, I won’t gloat very long about winning the NCAA yahoo pool… but I picked Syracuse. From the beginning, I picked Syracuse. I am the winner. Todd is good, but Jason is better.

Pretty exciting Tuesday we got goin on here, check it out: big fatty I&FT, one that I’ve kept in the vault for a while. So take a look at that one. Oh, and don’t forget LA pics tomorrow.

FYI to all my MKE homies: if I owe you money or anything else while I’m there, we’ll settle up.

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