Wow, so I was watching TV last night (I do that on Tuesday, 24 is on at 7, and Smallville is on at 8) and you can tell it’s getting down to the end of the television season, and concurrently, the end of the school season. I mean, 24 is starting the “last four episodes” next week, Dawson’s Creek is down to their last four ever (thank God), couple other shows on Fox have got their finales already this week and, whoa baby, we’ve nearly crowned our next American Idol (what was that girl’s name, Kelly Who?).

Personally, I think that it’s a cruel act against children and college students that the TV seasons are nearly exactly the same as the school year. Especially now, man, these are the shows you wanna see and you’ve got work to do. You could tape em, sure, but then someone is bound to say to you, “Hey, did you see yada-yada do the blah-blah-blah on the thingamajigger, I couldn’t believe it.” I should watch less TV.

But anyway, who am I to rock the boat of the networks, and so this today will be your Season Finale, and a Very Special blog entry.

And you’re there saying, “What?? Just don’t make us wait until November for next season’s premiere like they did with The X-Files? for the last five seasons, please!!” and trust me you have nothing to worry about. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lesson or two from CBS, and I know that if you run new programming while everyone else is on reruns, you can capture a huge market share. I will return as soon as the semester is done.

In the meantime, try your hand at the considerably more difficult Finale Edition Movie Quote of the Day, from a film I’ve never even seen and wouldn’t know where to start looking.

Also check out the video reruns, if there was one that you liked or thought was cool but you didn’t have a chance to download it, well, looks like opportunity knocks again.

Finally, if you live in the Fox Valley or metro-Milwaukee area and know someplace I could get a job, let me know.

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