Out of Focus

The weather only cleared up here about an hour ago. Before that, it was rain mixed with snow all day long. It’s actually warmed up 12 degrees since noon. Whenever I think about the weather on Good Friday, like, think *back,* it seems as though it tends to be crappy, which seems to be appropriate. But I dunno, maybe I just never remember the nice weather Good Fridays.

A Good Friday to you.

I have spent oodles of time, I’ve toiled, I struggled, I’ve selected, I’ve narrowed, I’ve pared, (I’ve heard Sultans of Swing twice today now) and now I am finished (at least for the foreseeable future) with the photo galleries. They are divided into three categories, and these three are divided into sub-categories. I really hope you enjoy them, because the task was an asspain.

The only pictures that are yet to be added at this time are a mess of captures from my LA Vacation video, but after this, those should be a breeze and perfectly available no later than this time next week.

I’ve been looking at pictures, re-arranging, re-naming, uploading for so long now I’m having a hard time thinking of other stuff.

Oh, I went and picked up the photos from Kevin & Amanda’s wedding, and although none of those are available on the gallery page proper, just drop me a line and I’ll e-mail them; it’s about a 500K zip file.

What am I doing for the holiday? What are YOU doing? I’m probably gonna do some homework; I have a lot of it. And I’m gonna fry up some of Dad’s venison Polish, eat it with some Stadium Sauce.

Holy Moses I could go for a beer. Maybe I’ll make coffee.

Have a Happy Easter!

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