Well, here’s the thing about yesterday: went to see The Matrix “Reloaded” and whatnot; it was nice, Mom came along to the show, y’know, cuz she said she liked the first one and everything like that, but I understand what she meant when she said this one didn’t quite turn her crank and by the end she was kind of bored.

I’ll tell ya right off the bat, I definitely enjoyed the movie, but not the same way I liked the first one. This one was different, the story was completely… something else. The sequel was way more sci-fi than the original. Which isn’t necessarily all bad, but it was very different from the first. I have a feeling the final installment of the trilogy is going to be more like #2 than #1 as well .

Yeah, but here’s what: movie was definitely too long. Could’ve been shortened up by… I’m gonna say 30-35 minutes. The beginning was waaaaaaaaaay too long, by the time it was over, the fight scenes (while supercool) had gotten excessive, and I thought the whole damn picture got bogged down in exposition.

On the plus side, like I said, pretty awesome fights (on the freeway in particular) and the Eastern philosophies sewn into the fabric of The Matrix make me want to see it again, and listen more closely as the Oracle and the Architect are speaking. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Out of 5, I’ll give this sequel 3-and-a-half.

That’s about all I’ve got; my coffee’s getting cold and I think Mom needs a trip to Wally World for hairspray.

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