Damn, am I ever anxious to get out of here now! I feel like I’ve pretty much got everything done, y’know? I know for sure that I won’t be returning to school at MSU, and I have all the transportation arrangements made, Mom was here over the weekend and we packed up everything on all the bookshelves and things like that.

Last night, Ben came over and we watched TV for a little while, but I was just sitting there looking around the apartment, trying to see if there was anything else I could pack up right that minute. I was reminded that I “still have two weeks to be here,” but… shit, y’know, once everything’s in order, you just want to get on with it.

To that end, I decided I would think about who has to know about my address changes, like, make a list? So that’s something I’m doing today. I’m probably going to pack up seldom-used tools and kitchen supplies today as well. I bought four plastic “totes” at Wally World yesterday, and then this morning, I finally remembered what else it was I was going to buy there: tapes for the video camera; my LA Vacation this spring tapped me out of those.

It snowed yesterday, I couldn’t believe it. It was supposed to be just the morning, but then it kept snowing on and off all day. Right now, it’s 29 degrees and there’s still the veil of white dust on all the rooftops. They say it’s going to get up to 52 today, but I’m not going to hold my breathe.

I watched The Bourne Identity last night, and it made me want to rethink Blender a little bit. Now that I made it longer a couple months ago, I want to make it shorter. I don’t know if I should even worry about it. After all, I’m supposed to have something new to give to Wordy by the end of the week.

I realized this morning that science fiction and fantasy are practically the same genre. In sci-fi, technology takes the place of magic, but in both, the same things happen: the impossible is made possible. Sometimes I wonder: if the most “inhibiting” laws of nature didn’t exist (things like gravity, time, the limited use of the human mind) or rather, if the way we experience them were reversed, would people longingly write fiction about a world where an unseen force keeps feet planted to the ground and time is an unalterable linear experience?

Way to go, Lorch, on nailing the last Movie Quote of the Day.

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