Pants & Socks

On this official first day of the unofficial first weekend of summer, I have busted out the summer wardrobe: I am leaving the house today in my navy cargo shorts, Forslund Building Supply t-shirt, and ratty sandals from last summer. This switch-over has led me to a clothing epiphany. Two of them, actually.

First of all, (and Nick Petters would back me up on this) socks suck. Particularly in the summertime, I see no reason why any sane and reasonable human being would wear socks unless they have to go to work, or church, or a wedding, or they’re in the Army, or something like that. Socks are for keeping feet warm in winter, not keeping them white in summer. Down with socks!

Second: having some wiggle-room in your pants is not necessarily indicative of a shrinking waistline. It *is* indicative of having only a few pairs of pants in the rotation, so your chubby ass has all sorts of time to stretch those mothers out. I put on the shorts just now, which, when purchased, had the same number (35) labeling the waist measurement as the jeans I wore yesterday. The jeans sag a bit more on my hips at this point, whereas the shorts are a snugger fit. I can only assume that the looseness of the jeans relates directly the walking, sitting, bending, turning, etc, that I have done in them. This just confirms a truth we already knew about, namely, that I should probably “do” more stuff.

Unrelated note: yesterday, at the urging of Petters (wow, twice in one entry) I gave myself to the Dark Side. I abandoned my Eudora e-mail client in favor of MS Outlook. I’ve attempted this move on a few occasions in the past, and I was always just too lazy to give Outlook a fair shake; like, if I couldn’t figure out how to do stuff that I do really easily in Eudora pretty much IMMEDIATELY, I would trash the Outlook and go back. Yesterday, I made a more concerted effort, and now I have my e-mail, calendar, address book, etc, all consolidated under one flag.

Hey, I just realized: Outlook is exactly like Wal-Mart! Like I said, “The Dark Side…”

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