You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

Not that I am, though: I dropped a line to Lou Ferrigno yesterday giving him my opinion of this new Hulk versus the classic TV Hulk that we should all know and love (Lou: new Hulk sucks, you da bomb) and I was really impressed when he wrote me back the same day.

Well, I’m just about done with the getting-ready-to-leave-Montana operations. I’m going to unplug the refrigerator today; all the food I had left I managed to fit in the mini-fridge. I really can’t pack anything else up at this point, so I have some writing to do today, and… that’s about it, I guess. Damn, I wish I could get this stuff out of here right now.

It’s really nice outside today; I should probably get out and do some stuff in the good weather. I’m not sure what I would do, though. Maybe I’ll put on some shorts.

Here’s something: Mr. Poquette (that’s right, FHS, the English teacher you know and love) has become the first back-to-back winner in the Movie Quote of the Day besides Wordell. Not bad, but we’ll see which one of them comes through today.

Oh, I posted some new pictures today in the “captures” section as well. Have a good Memorial Day weekend.

Hey, last thing: if you’re watching the reruns of the videos, let me know, drop me a line or whatever. Otherwise, I won’t feel as bad about forgetting to change them.

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