Out of My System

Ah. I feel better.

After my early exit from Montana State last spring, I found myself doubting not only the future, but my decisions in the past, and (if you’ve known me a while) you know that as I came up on the final calendar year of undergraduate education, I was planning to carve out a meager career in commercial radio. Three years (but really only ten months) later, I have received absolute and final validation: commercial radio is not for me.

I resigned from WTMJ this afternoon, anticipating that they’d not want to keep me around much longer anyway. I was entirely correct, and I have to thank Dave Schrubbe for counseling me to “preemptively resign,” a tactic that pared what could have been an uncomfortable 10-12 minute meeting into an amicable 35-second handshake, and also I must thank Joe Mundschau for helping me put the loss of a 12-hour per week job for shit money in perspective.

Anyhoo, onward and upward: I should be getting a call from the fine folks at Target any day to begin “orientation,” and I have an interview this afternoon and Friday at different places as well.

At least now I have one less thing to regret.

Oooh, and I have “wings” to attend on Thursday!

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