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I think you’re going to enjoy this.

Last night, Tom Klika comes over, and he, Joe, and I sat in the living room, mostly not watching Road to Perdition, but we also had BLT’s for dinner. Just before we stood around for those sandwiches, Tom says, “I’ll give a dollar to whoever eats a raw slice of bacon.”

Well, now.

There are very few things that I’ll do for a dollar. Things I might do for one lousy dollar include getting up to grab you a beer, changing the channel, taking a leak, getting dressed, I think you see the point. Stuff I’ll eat or drink for a dollar? That list includes things like “pizza,” or “beer,” or “pancakes,” possible even “peanuts,” but again, my point is made. I’m not going to go out of my way for one paltry dollar.

So I say to Klika, “I’ll do it for FIVE dollars.”

He fishes around in his pocket, has a five spot, Joe gave him 2 bucks, and so between the two of them I got my portrait o’ Lincoln. I didn’t think it was that bad. Raw bacon, whatever, it’s not gonna kill me. Of course, you know that things I see and do “get me thinking,” and this was no exception. More accurately, Joe thought of it first, and I decided I would think harder about it today: what else would I eat for five dollars?

Then I was downstairs this morning making coffee, and I realized, “I haven’t made a video since… oh, before you were born,” so I figured this would make as interesting a subject as anything else I’ve ever done. Click the link to download the video of Stuff Jason Will Eat for Five Dollars. If it looks like the audio falls out of sync for a few seconds here or there, that’s not you; I’m just working out the bugs different encoder options…

Now don’t get too excited, you don’t get to see me eat any of these things on the tape. In order to do that, you’ll have to Paypal me five bucks and wait for the video.

Finally, I *did* check, and there was a mention in the blog back on the Ides of April, but one of our regulars, Greg Willis, is getting hitched this weekend. I had no photo back in April, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, Joe Knitt, and Jeffry Willis, there is one today (I’m sure there are better ones, too, but I’m doing what I can here, eh?)
So, congradulacations to the soon-to-be-weds.

More news tomorrow on my *next* job interview up in Fond du Lac. Oh, speaking of which: did I mention that the Half Price Books interview on Wednesday was good, but if they offer the job I won’t take it cuz it pays even less than Target? Just so you’ve got that.

Oh, and one final point to make: this movie quote has been staying the same cuz nobody will send a guess. I’m sure there’s someone out there just dying to “work” on it, so I’m leavin’ it there.

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