So I had this dream last night, I must’ve been working for a newspaper, or a magazine, or something. Actually, no; I take that back, I wasn’t working *for* anyone, I was just trying to produce something that might get me a job. I think. Lemme start over.

I was with Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson in this dream, and I was spending a day with them on their CD release tour. My goal was to take some notes, ask them questions, etc, write an article about it, I guess. Things were going just fine, I think we all had breakfast together or something, it was really laid back, casual, I felt like I was making progress on this article.

Well, at a certain point in the morning, I excused myself from their company, saying that I needed to get some of my notes down, and they weren’t really doing anything until a press conference or something like that later on. Next thing it IS later on, and I go into this room where they’re sitting behind a table with a guy (I guess their manager?) and there are a couple other people in the room asking questions, taking notes, more press, I suppose.

Their manager dude asks me, “Now, when is your stuff going to be on the air?” And I was kind of confused. He saw this, and rather annoyed, asked me again, “Your interview with the guys — is it going to be live on the air, or are you taping for later?” And I said, “No, it won’t be ‘on the air’ at all, y’see—” and I was going to explain myself but he says “OK, sorry, you’re gonna have to leave then.” And I’m trying to tell the guy, “No, I don’t work for a radio station, I’m a writer. I’m writing an article.” He says, “Nope, sorry, we’re only talking to legitimate people with real radio stations, you have to leave.” And I’m still trying to clear this up for the guy, “I AM A WRITER.” But he didn’t care and he threw me out.

Later on, I went to the show and tried to talk to the guys again, but the manager just would not let me.

So I dunno what that means, but I was thinking about it earlier and I thought it was weird that DJ’s (something I used to do) were OK, but writers (something I’m trying to do) were bad. Any thoughts?

Oh, and Devin Munson won the movie quote derby yesterday. Way to go, Dev.

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