Viva Osh Vegas

Got a letter from the Graduate School up at my alma mater on Thursday. It was good news; they’re taking me back to start the Master’s program in English in February. It made me quite happy, and I felt a lot better right after I opened the envelope.

Unfortunately, as I said to Ben Leubner later that evening, developments in the MLB playoffs during the course of 30 short hours spun tonight’s World Series on its head for me: we went from the prospect of an intriguingly watchable Boston-Chicago? title series to an exceedingly less interesting match-up between the Team Which Represents All Things That Are Evil About Professional Baseball, and Some Gaggle of Whoevers From South Florida. Ah, well. We still have football, I suppose.

I actually did some work at the local Target last week, and the job is… just as I remember it to be. Not that I’ve worked at Target, of course, but many moons ago, I worked in retail as a teenager, and in case you were curious, it’s still the same. People have asked me how it’s going there, and “Eh,” is a perfect characterization. The job is neither good nor bad, it just is. I go, I work, I leave, they pay. What else can you ask for, really?

More interesting developments may be coming about in the employment department, anyway. I took my third drug test of the summer yesterday, this time for Charter Communications, the company I interviewed at a couple weeks ago up in Fond du Lac. However, they haven’t *officially* offered me the job yet, I assume that is only contingent on the drug screening. Two weeks from Monday is when the “training” for that job is due to begin, so if I take it (which I should), it looks like Target won’t be getting the two weeks of notice they’d like. The nice thing about retail, though, is that a person in a position like mine is very easy to replace. Basically, all that’s required is someone who’s conscious and has the capacity for language (any language will do).

Of course, one must consider that the job I’d be taking there in Fondy is a full-time, 2nd-shift sort of operation, and there are several classes offered in the UWO Master’s program in the evening, at the time that I, theoretically, would be working. I suppose that the wisest course would be to take the job if and when it’s offered, then proceed from there, in whichever direction comes to be most reasonable. You have any better ideas? I’m open to them.

Wordy won the Movie Quote Derby once again, so here’s hoping you can put up a challenge for him.

Finally, I watched The Matrix Reloaded again today. This was only the 2nd screening for me, and it actually got better this time around. For whatever reason, it didn’t seem as long. It still IS too long, but, y’know, whatever. The rambling and senseless musings of the Oracle and the Architect made more sense as well. Neither of them were quite as deep as they appeared at the theater in Bozeman.

If you want to go to Madison for Halloween, let me know.

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