Yeah, I wish I could be tidier around the house. This is the problem: I had that… well… whole year, basically, where I didn’t work and just had hours and hours around the house at a time. Well, two facts I can relate to you on that: You can only watch so much TV, and you can only do so much homework.

I thought, for a brief time, that I may have developed a small obsessive-compulsive problem in terms of cleaning the house, but on further consideration, it might just be that that disorder is in vogue.

Then I was thinkin about it a little harder, and I was realizing that I’ve been grasping (desperately it seems) for a psychological or emotional disorder I could hang my hat on, and the only reason I can think of that I’d want to do that is so I could NOT take any drugs to treat it on purpose, and then commit full-out to succeeding in spite of my “problem.”

Motivation, of late, has been low.

The first real day at work was today, I actually talked to real people on the phone about their cable, although I had no idea what I was actually saying to them. My lips moved, words came out, I can only guess if I was doing anything correctly.

Well hey: look at this, my room IS getting a little tidier; no more laundry all over the floor. I’ll send you moving pictures soon.

Don’t forget to eat all that leftover turkey by the end of the week. It’s gonna be rancid, like, in a hurry.

PS—Now, the page with the offline blogging shorts (see below) is actually here. Cheers.

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