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OK, so I don’t really know how great this job is at the cable company, but I can say this much: it definitely isn’t as lame as it was during the excessively long and ridiculous training. Still, it’s customer service, which, yeah, I dunno I think you can burn out on pretty fast. But I’ll tell ya what: I’m tired of thinking/talking about it. I had one of those horrendous “at work” dreams last night, and that really bummed me out. Your subconscious should be one place you can escape the crap you do for money. Last thing about work, I promise: I jotted down in my notebook on Tuesday that the “training” staff was walking around on the call floor there offering their assistance with the new software. They seemed to be having a good time, seeing as none of the potential problems are really theirs. Made me wish I had a real job.

Like I said, tired of talking about it, so what else have I got? I went out last night to the New Moon Coffeehouse on Main St in Oshkosh last night to meet up with some English students, and there was an unanticipated 2-person poetry “open mic” going on, so it was pretty funny: I got there last, and as I walked in, all that I and the others could do was acknowledge each other with arm-lowered, half-grimacing waves, then in between poems, offer quick little inquires about “how things were going.” It was a fun time, though; it was like being with geeks, except about books and plays and grammar and stuff. Y’know, I think everyone is a geek in a certain way. Everybody, I’d say, has the thing that they’re a “geek” about; y’know, something that they get all wound up about that other people just don’t understand. Some people are more hard-core than others, but… basically the same thing no matter what. Maybe there’s a video in there someplace, I’m not sure.

This weekend? Well, there’s the Oshkosh fall commencement, in which I know one person participating, but I’m not going. Tomorrow, I think Christy is going to come over for a spell. I think she wants me to hang onto her desk or something until she comes up with a way to get it to Stout. Don’t ask me how that’s gonna happen. Does Vann have a truck or something?

Oh, PS: everyone I know that owns a truck, please let me know and then let me borrow it, cuz I reeeeally wanna get my desk out of Joe & Jen’s garage (and I think they do, too!). And that reminds me, I’m going down there to take Jen’s CD’s back.

I haven’t slept but 4 or 5 hours a night all week, so I’m dead tired, and you might’ve noticed I’m rambling about nothing. Bed time.

OH: one last thing? Would someone please guess at the movie quote of day? Or don’t, makes it easy on me.

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