Today is the 100th anniversary of flight. Check out the news sidebars and articles and whatnot where appropriate.

It also seems to me that the 17th is some sort of significant day for a reason that escapes me, so if you know what’s special about it (sorry if it’s like, your birthday), let me know.

Meanwhile, I’ve just decided that I’m going to start going to sleep immediately after I get home from work at 11pm. If I stay up for a couple hours, I just sleep too late, and don’t have sufficient time to get anything substantial done with my morning hours.

I am also still getting old.

Dave says he loves the Internet, I hate it. On his day off today, he sat in his room and Googled himself.

Maybe I’ll shoot a video with the rest of my morning. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. PS—still no Movie Quote guesses. Stumped ya, did I?

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