It’s Packer Sunday and I’m sitting here drinking coffee and not beer. Bizarre.

Started my real, actual work schedule today, so I’m working 1:30-10:30, and that means I’ll have to catch a bit of the game when I can. By the time I’m on lunch, it’ll be over, but I figure it’s reasonable that most of WI will be watching the game, so call volume should be low.

OH: any FYI, if you’re a cable customer and the game didn’t start exactly on time (they finished the early one first, for example), there’s not a damn thing the cable company can do about it. The cable company is in charge of being sure you can *get* the channel. What’s *on* the channel ain’t up to them. Moreover, if you miss the first three minutes of one bloody football game, get a life and deal with it.

The weekend wasn’t bad otherwise, although I certainly was. It *had* been my plan to make a run down to Waukesha to drop off Jen’s CD’s, then high-tail it back to the Fox Valley to catch the 13 Walls gig in Fond du Lac. When I got down there, though, I decided to make a stop at Jared’s Christmas beer exchange, and the demon liquor insisted that I stay in the metro Milwaukee area overnight. It was OK, though, cuz I was still up (or Joe was, anyway) at quarter-to-five Sunday morning when the news came across about Saddam. That’s all good, if you ask me (the apprehension of Hussein, that is). In the long run, I think it’ll be good for adding a *little* more stability to the Mid-East?, although around midday, Dave noticed something weird on the news when all these Iraqis in Baghdad were waving their homemade U.S.S.R. flags. We had a brief discussion of how a communist Muslim state in control of the world’s second largest oil supply might not be exactly what the President & Co. had in mind here. Ah, well, it’s probably nothing anyway. Although… we all remember who was forced out of power in Russia right before the commies took over, so…

K, I’m back on the job.

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