Yeah, so this is the first time in a while that I’ve done any work on the website at all while actually seated at my desk and clocked in at work. Man, been since Res Life, I tell ya.

You may have noticed on the first page this thing about “,” which, if you go ahead and type that URL into your browser, you’ll see it’ll direct you to this same website. For those of you who freak out when there’s a change in Internet status for a friend or relative (Schneider), rest assured, all your old links still work, and my email address is still the same. Basically, I just wanted to register a new domain so when I tell new folks where the site is, I don’t have to explain which key is for the tildae, or however the hell you spell that.

Where did the name “top-V” come from? Well, clearly this site has now been declared the Roman edition of “Top Five dot net,” because I was thinking about how often I share an on-the-fly top five list with people in conversation. I’m not sure if my propensity to make the lists makes it less enjoyable or more enjoyable to talk to me, but, as you would’ve seen on the top page with the holiday greetings, I’m not caring too much about that because I know it’s just not too significant.

Anyway, was taken, and so was .net, and so were and net, as well as top5, top-5, and so were all the .org’s. At that point, I thought about picking a different number, and wouldn’t you know it? All the permutations of “top ten” were gone as well. The URL search engine @ Server Central suggested I go with something like “greatestfive,” which is completely available, but what the computer didn’t realize was that “greatestfive” is available for a reason. Thought about going with some other numbers as well, and for whatever reason, I picked “”

I was *this* close to registering that one when my roommate Dave walked in and suggested that I try top-“romannumeralfive,” but of course, spelling out “romannumeral” is ridiculous, and I said to Dave, “What if I just use the Roman numeral itself?”
“A smashing idea,” he replied.

And that’s all. There it is. Top Five dot net, the Roman edition.

In other news, I sat at the desk here for some time this evening, doing jack squat, so I tried my hand at playing “Othello,” everyone’s favorite race-relations game, on my PDA. Results were as follows:
Game 1: Computer, 57-7
Game 2: Computer, 61-3
Game 3: Computer, 64-0
Game 4: Computer, 61-3
Game 5: Computer: 61-3

Those were my top five scores. After I finished five games, I realized that I had no idea how to play this game.

Well, time to knock off for the day. Have a Merry Christmas, talk to you again soon.

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