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Hey so I’m back, and the site is going through yet another overhaul. In case you were not aware, in addition to the links you are accustomed to following, you can find the site via I was going to follow along with the whole Roman theme and express all the numbers on the page Roman-style, but then I realized how many numbers that would be and decided it was crazy.

If you’d like to modify any graphics, pictures, or photos with the new domain name, feel free to send one over.

Things around here are going just splendidly, by the way. I had the opportunity to quit my job at the cable company, thanks to a new and exciting opportunity with an old employer of mine.

Right now, I’m sitting in the dining room, quite comfortably at the table and my laptop, while Dave does not do anything even the least bit loud in the kitchen; although sparks are being sprayed from the metal.

I’m actually in between the two jobs this week, since I’m not able to start @ Financial Aid until after Jan XIX. On Monday, I didn’t get a lot done, since I’d been up early for a few days in a row and I needed a recouping period after the “employment” and whatnot. I also went to a movie on Monday evening, and I recommend taking a look at Big Fish if you have the means and the interest. It’s not “Best Picture” material, but it’s fun, funny, and a general good time. There’s a bloke, I guess, from Vancouver who doesn’t agree, but, y’know, whatever, Canadians & all that (see archived blog from 11.19.02).

Tuesday I had a nice chat with Wordy regarding his latest screenplay, an adaptation of a short story written by Ron Rindo, whose class I’m taking this spring. I thought it was mostly good; I should probably give it another read or two and be more critical. Seems the last time I read an R.D. Wordell screenplay, I had more to say. Eh.

Today I mostly worked on this and realized that I have to stop playing video games completely. I should probably sell off all my video computer entertainment hard/software, not because video games as such are terrible things, but because I am very bad at controlling myself when I “get into” a game. I play them way too much and always give in to the temptation to pick them up again when there are better things for me to be doing.

This laptop keyboard is a lot quieter than the my desktop, sure, but it takes some time to get used to the size and stuff. That and the six inches between the keyboard and the edge of the box.

I am talking very poorly this evening. I have to take some time to make my head turn on right and then I could probably continue. Wow.

Anyway, the rest of this week I’m going to drop by Grandma’s house to visit with her and Mom, then go out for wings later on and write some.

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but *still* no one has guessed this movie quote over here.

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