Something's Gonna Have To Be Done

So I go home from work yesterday, I stopped for gas on the way, so I get to the house about 5-to-5, and I walk in, I sit down. Get up.

Go to the garage, grab a bottle of the cherry wheat Sam Adams that Devin brought over a couple weeks ago, and it wasn’t bad. I guess I don’t like the flavor of cherries as much as I did when I was a kid, or maybe it’s just the cherries and beer that don’t quite get me goin. But it wasn’t bad.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich and a can of soup for dinner. I watched Seinfeld and then Friends on TBS. By the time we were mid-way through Friends, I decided I would drink some whiskey and use up that last can of Sprite in the garage. By the time Friends was over and TNG had started on Spike, I decided I would keep drinking whiskey and help Dave finish that Coke in the fridge.

At 8, I switched over to the State of the Union and had another whiskey & Coke. By 8:30, I was bored, tired, and full of whiskey so I started thinking about going to bed. I realized that was insane, so I played Super Star Wars on the SNES until 9, at which point going to bed didn’t seem *as* insane, so I crawled in, started an X-File?, and fell promptly to sleep at 9:30. I woke
up at 1:00, after Dave was home and doing laundry, but just rolled over.

I dunno, maybe I’m going to have to start drinking some coffee in the evenings when I get home, cuz man, it wasn’t just the booze; I was kinda sleepy even before that. I’m thinkin maybe the time workin @ Charter conditioned me to be ready for sleep near immediately after getting home, and switching back may require a little chemical assistance. I guess I better figure something out pretty godddamn soon, cuz in a week and change, I’m going to be in class at night 3 times a week, that on top of working, so… shit.

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