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A word to the less-than-wise living in America right now: if you are a male, and your hair is long enough to cover your shoulder blades, you need a haircut IMMEDIATELY. You look like an ass. That beard that you haven’t trimmed in four months doesn’t “go with” your hair to complete some sort of “look,” either. Unless the look you’re going for is “ass.”

Some funny/ironic goings on of late:
Back in December 2001, I stole a number of various office supplies from the Residence Life Office where I was working. Two-and-a-half years later, I’ve had to bring some of those supplies to my new office in Financial Aid, because there are none to spare around here.

Probably only funny to my old mates from WRST in Oshkosh: I did a search on Excite for my website (cuz I was bored). I typed in “WRST The 80’s Rewind,” and upon searching, the engine asked me if I meant to type “worst the 80’s rewind.”

I recently logged into an old email account I have through a service in England. I stopped using it because I was being inundated with junk, and no means to control it. Last time I logged in was July, I believe, and since then I had 1,438 emails, not one of them worth anything. But, strangely enough, all of them were still stored on that server. Makes me wonder what sort of storage capacity that account has…

I never really play the lottery, or enter any sweepstakes or anything like that, but if there was a contest where the winner would get fresh coffee beans hand-delivered to their home by Juan Valdez every morning, I would enter in a heartbeat.

And now moving on to some other items of note…
I’ve started asking people what their top three most-watched TV shows are right now. I did this after I realized that mine were all on network TV, and I wanted to know where the people I know line up. I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

Wordy sent me the best thing I’ve ever read earlier this week:

I recommend that if you have the time, you breeze through some of the topics/ideas that Internet “groups” are founded upon. You will either A) find that other people out there share some bizarre opinion/feeling/passion that you have, or B) make yourself feel exceedingly normal.

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