A Good Investment of Time

Holy crap did driving down Hwy 1 take a long time. We were literally in the car for 12 hours. Well, I guess we weren’t in the car the whole time, but that’s how long the drive took, with the frequent stops for photographs and whatnot.

I told Jen several times during the winding up and down the mountains, this drive was kind of like drives you can take in Montana, except that things here are green, and there’s a large damn ocean on your right (when you’re traveling south).

Really, I feel like the whole day is better expressed visually, so go click that link for the pictures. I reorgamanized them to be dial-up friendly.

What else? Oh — when we were driving through Santa Cruz, I saw someone with a bumper sticker that said, “Keep Santa Cruz Weird,” and I thought that was sort of funny. Then later I saw someone else with the same bumper sticker, and it lost some of the magic for me.

Enjoy the photos, though, and will try to talk tomorrow.

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