Leave Your Money, but Please Keep the Hearts

Today Jen and I got up at around 7 AM to drive to San Francisco. We were out the door from Wordy and Matt’s at about 8:05. The drive was super-easy, it was a nice day, there was a lot of “fresh air,” and we made it to the city by the bay in roughly 5.5 hours (that’s like, door-to-door, their place to the hotel).

We wasted no time in commencing the vacationery activities. We realized that there were only two short days available to be spent in SF, and we had to get to business in a hurry. Our hotel (Club Quarters) is quite conveniently located just east of Chinatown in the financial district. We parked the car in a structure that’s nearby and walked for the rest of the day. Lunch was at “Jeanty at Jack’s,” and between the two of us, we only spent EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS WITH TIP. We explored Chinatown quite thoroughly, thanks to the help of Fodor’s 04 guide to San Fran, and then took a stroll down to Union Square. Jen tried, but ultimately couldn’t resist a bit o’ shopping, and we returned later to go to Macy’s.

After the investment at lunch, we decided on a cheaper dinner, and found a Vietnamese place that only accepted cash and had extremely reasonable pricing. Jen brought most of her sweet and sour pork home.

After dinner, we popped over to the comedy club that’s just around the corner from our hotel, but the show wasn’t going to start until 11, and we were both waaaaaaay too tired to be up that long. I mean, check it out; 10 to 11 and I’m gonna crash almost immediately.

Tomorrow we go to Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf, and whatever else suits our fancy. Take a look at the pictures; thanks to Joe for the camera, it’s workin out great.

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