69 Days in the Desert

It’s been some time since my last report. If you haven’t been privvy to information about me in that time, please allow the following summary:

– I returned from an absolutely splendid spring vacation in San Francisco and Los Angeles on March 22. Wordy and Matt graciously hosted me for the duration of my L.A. stay, and it was much appreciated. The week after I got back, I started looking up all the colleges and universities on the west coast of California to see if there’s someplace I could work (teach) one day.
– The following weekend, I took a trip to LaCrosse? to visit Grandma Bock, at that time just recently returned home from an extended stay in assisted living after her heart surgery last fall. Glad to report that as of now, Grandma’s health continues to improve.
– Went up to Eagle River for Easter and Mom’s 50th birthday.
– Worked hard, toiled through a tough 2nd half of the spring semester.
– Had a visit from Kyle and Knitt the first weekend of May.
– Barely slept during the last week or so of classes. Got all the work done, earned 2 A’s and a B.
– Took a “week off” from May 17 thru May 21; used this time to work 8 hours a day @ the Financial Aid Office and make a large, all-encompassing list of “Things to Accomplish Over the Summer.”
– Just last weekend, visited Kyle & Robin in Milton, along with Dave and the Kiefers.
– This week, began a search in earnest for a new apartment.

Right now, I’m thoughtfully considering the fact that everything I’ve done in 69 days can effectively be summed up in less than 250 words.

The semester was really busy, though, really tough. Forgive me if you’ve heard the story already, but for the benefit of others, I made two critical errors: 1) took 9 credits (three classes), 2) with that course load, also worked 20 hours per week. As the term wore on, it became clear that it was more work than I could handle; I was so busy just trying to keep up all semester, I wasn’t able to do any particularly interesting or unique work. I was disappointed about that, but now I know what the game plan should be for the future. I suppose there’s an extent to which any new school you attend requires a “feeling out” period; I’m glad in this case that I didn’t have to feel out a town as well.

I’ve got a pretty sweet setup with work for the summer. I’m going to work @ the office 40 hours a week while class is not in session, and I hope to continue learning some new things in that time. As you probably know, I’ve worked in Financial Aid before, but I’ve just realized this week that it’s taken me this long to reprogram my brain; now it does certain FinAid? stuff automatically. I’m not sure if that makes a lot of sense.

With regard to the “transitional-ness” of this new-looking site, my ultimate goal is creating something that’s conducive to quick and easy blogging, while still storing all the old stuff that people like (pictures, videos, writings, etc.). I hope that the change will simultaneously keep me in better contact with the site and make it easier for dial-uppers in particular to view it.

More to come soon; thanks for stopping by…

TOP V LIST FOR THE DAY: Top V Items on the Summer To-Do? List Not Likely to Be Finished
V. Do an install of Linux and actually try to use it
IV. Try to see Knuetson and/or Konsmo in Seattle
III. Make time to listen to all the music I got from Bryan and Kyle
II. Get a digital camera
I. Read instead of watch TV

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