I forgot to even mention it yesterday (just wasn’t on the brain) but I came up with an idea for a new 80’s show that would work on WRST. Instead of playing all the “best pop hits,” it would be an album-oriented show, where each week a record from the 80’s would be featured, played, talked about, etc. This would be a lot more work that the old 80’s Rewind, but certainly would be fun, and interesting, I think. I want to plan out a few shows and then pitch it to the new station manager, whoever that kid is.

One of the things I’m working on a bit here and there (and a year late) is quieting down my fingers on the ol’ keyboard. I have a long and storied history of pounding too hard which I attribute to my childhood borrowing of Grandma’s typewriter. Them old typewriters, man, you had to pound the crap outta them keys. But anyway, I’m making a conscious effort to tap lighter, and I’m not noticing much of a problem with keying too lightly, y’know? You really don’t have to hit these buttons that hard to make them go. I probably should’ve done this a while back, then Jen and Joe wouldn’t have been pissed at me if I stayed up late a’typin.

So my two big projects that I want to complete before the first of June are revamping the site, and filing all the appropriate materials to get my credits from MSU transferred to Oshkosh. The first promises to be decidedly more simple. I guess I didn’t think about it, but of course it makes sense that the grad school doesn’t transfer the *grades* in, but rather just indicates which courses you completed at another institution. This is a good and bad thing, I suppose. It means that my A’s from MT won’t help my GPA here, but it also means that I won’t have that B+ to hurt it. I did some figuring, and with my current UWO GPA at 3.66667, if I get an A over the summer, BOOM: I’m up to 3.75. If I get that same A, AND if I had the grades included from MSU, I’d be at 3.79. After the fall, if I get two more A’s here, well, then I’ll be at 3.83, and if I had those MSU numbers as well, same thing: 3.83. So what I’ve got to do is never get anything less than an A. I should probably have tried to avoid those B’s altogether, then this discussion would be moo.

OK, maybe more later on, maybe not.

TOP V LIST FOR THE DAY: Top V Titles I Thought About for the New 80’s Show
V. The 80’s Rewind brings you 80’s Records
IV. 80’s A.O.R.
III. A.O.R. 80’s
II. The 80’s Rewind: On the Record
I. The 80’s Rewind: For the Record*

  • ultimately chose this one

P.S. – Wow, I’m hungry. And yet I’m so damned fat; it’s amazing how the body works.

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