Not Quite Official

So I’m up north for the Memorial Day weekend. This is one of the times I was thinking of when I bought this laptop, saying “I really need something that I can computify with when I’m away from the home base,” so I feel pretty good about blogging in spite of being in Eagle River.

The town is mobbed, by the way. I was laughing at the tourists with Dad yesterday, because they all drive up here to get away from the city, but the thing is, EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM drives up from Milwaukee, Chicago, etc, so what the hell’s the point? It was an obvious, but still funny observation.

With some help from Dad & Mom, I performed a slight tune-up on Willy yesterday. I replaced spark plugs & wires, as well as the ignition rotor and distributor cap. I hope that these new parts help alleviate the problem whereby I was nearly stranded in Milton last Sunday. The thing is, the car was only giving me problems with starting when it’s really wet, and since last Monday (when I had just a little trouble with it) it’s been fairly dry in Oshkosh. It rained here last night, but I haven’t been out to use the car yet today, and I probably won’t until everything is dried up, so… Anyway, we’ll see.

I also helped Dad with some of the deck building yesterday. I’ll see if I can’t get a scanned copy of the ‘plans’ (think R2-D2? and the DEATH STAR) and show those of you who know the house exactly what’s being built. At this moment, Dad is going over the plans once again and making some adjustments and/or additions before we get to work today. Probably a good idea, as this process yielded good success yesterday. I hope the weather holds up.

Last night Knitt stopped by and we took a ride down Rangeline Road to visit with Scotty Ayuyu; neither one of us had seen him for quite a while, so it was nice to get an update on things. He let us know about kareoke at Sweetwater tonight, and Joe & I agreed that we should probably go, see if ‘Tom Reynolds’ shows up. After the event on Scattering Rice Lake there, Joe & I came back to the house here and watched some National Geographic documentary on Lord of the Rings that’s on the Return of the King DVD. I dunno about Joe, but I fell asleep part way through, then woke up at the end in time to say to Joe, “yeah, I’m gonna go to bed now.”

Doesn’t look like I’ll make it back to Oshkosh or Milwaukee tomorrow in time to meet up with the Mahoneys and a young woman whom I’ve never met. Ah well, maybe next week (I’m hoping).

In the meantime here, Dad just put out the call to head back outside and get to work on the deck again. Back in a while (or tomorrow).

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