Rob Hart Said So

I was listening to WTMJ on my way to work on Friday, as is my custom, and I recall Rob Hart of Wisconsin’s Morning News (whom I worked with on Saturdays while I was there) lamenting the perennially poor weather on Memorial Days (please note the lack of an apostrophe). At first I thought to myself that he was just bitching needlessly, but, well… here we are, Memorial Day and the weather’s crap (please note the appropriate use of an apostrophe). So, yeah, I dunno if Rob is qualified in saying the weather’s *always* lousy, but whatever, this year he’s on the money.

Dad and I got up around 7 this morning to get back and cracking again on the deck; we want to try to have the joists all in place before I leave, since that’s the “heavy lifting” part of the process. As far as I can tell, once they’re in place, Dad will be able to secure the decking on top at his leisure. It’s actually a fortunate circumstance that he built another deck at a neighbor’s house fairly recently, and the process is fairly fresh in his mind. So far, everything seems to be going well (with the exception of some unforeseen sanding yesterday).

Last night I ended up helping Mom with her cleaning jobs in Minoqua and at Custom Components in Eagle River. We were working for speed, speed, speed, and the whole business only took us about 3 hours, from leaving home to returning, and that includes a 1-hour round trip commute to Minoqua.

After that, I showered and went out to Sweetwater for the karaoke, which wasn’t bad, but I’ve seen much better. There were some new lyrics for “Just a Gigalo” that Joe and I had never seen before, and on “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You,” the ball wasn’t bouncing nearly fast enough. Good thing I know that one by heart, too.

I did see Brian Achuff and the McDonald? girls, neither of which I had seen in quite some time, and it was an enjoyable visit. Ayuyu sang “I Will Survive” and tore the roof off the joint.

I best get back to work now, Dad wants to finish this stuff before I head out around mid-day.

TOP V LIST FOR THE DAY: Top V Songs I Would’ve Sang If the Karaoke People Had Them
V. Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
IV. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
III. Folsum Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
II. 867-5309 (Jenny) – Tommy Tutone
I. Luck Be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

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