Commence with the summer

I took a route back from Eagle River yesterday that might’ve been a bit *too* far out of the way to really be worthwhile. On the way up, we took highway 49 most of the way, via the likes of Waupaca, Scandanavia, Iola, Northland and Galloway, and we met back up with 45 in Aniwa.

I decided to swing further East on the way back; I took 32 through Crandon, to highway 55, and drove through the reservation, but before I got there, it was through Mole Lake and Pickerel and Hollister. 55 meets 22 around Shawano, and 22 meets 45 back in Clintonville. However, I remembered between Clintonville and New London that I needed to go to the bank in Neenah, so I decided to cut over to 41 on 76, and that was the longest haul of the day. I should’ve just waited to make the turn in New London.

Anyway, when all was said and done, it took me about 4 hours to get home from Eagle River. Usually, it’s just slightly more than 3. Unless you’re Jen, of course.

Rained like hell for a brief period last evening, which was fine with me; after the drive, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I played a video game. I did watch a little Letterman and Conan, and then I woke up at 4:30, realizing that I’d forgotten to set the timer to turn the TV off.

The Memorial Day weekend is never long enough for anybody. People sulk back in to the office saying, “where did the time go???” when really, it was only 3 days. Usually you have 2 days. This was only one extra day. It’s not like Christmas. Christmas is a holiday. Memorial Day is… the opposite of Labor Day. In terms of time off, that is.

Here’s the day’s hourly forecast for Oshkosh.

Here’s the day’s hourly forecast for San Francisco.

Here’s Bozeman.

Here’s Memphis.

I don’t know why Memphis.

I’m currently in the habit of watching Headline News (or rather, having Headline News on) when I’m getting ready for work. I don’t know how often you watch this channel, maybe if you just want a smattering of nationwide headlines (I guess that’s where they get the name) but these people that they have on there before 9 AM Central anyway, what, what, what’s, uh…. with ’em? It’s like they’re not even running a news channel. Sometimes it just makes me look and think that some of these people could get fired at WTMJ very quickly.

The nice thing about the day after a holiday weekend is that it seems likely your staff meetings will be canceled. Who’s got the time, really, to get their shit together for a Tuesday staff meeting on the first day of the week? That’s why you usually have the staff meeting on Tuesday, because the first day of the week is really just for getting wound up for the rest of it, it’s not for doing any significant work. There’s probably a decent chance the meeting could be rescheduled for tomorrow, but that’s fine with me, I’ll feel more up to a meeting the second day of the week.

And I swear this is how it happened: I was in the middle of writing that last paragraph when I heard the email dinger go off with a message from our director:
“Today’s staff meeting is cancelled.”

And I guess ‘canceled’ is spelled correctly with either one ‘L’ or two. I guess that would make canceled a rather unfortunate word for a spelling bee. But if it’s a spelling ‘bee,’ and what is the etemology of ‘bee’ in that context anyway, the people in charge are probably fully aware of the multiple correct spellings of some words, but, at the same time, there’s a chance that they would only accept one or the other, assuming that the participants in said bee had studied some sort of book of standards, as it were, that fell in line with the leanings of the Council of The Bee. For example, while ‘colour’ may be spelled correctly with a U, the fact is that an American spelling bee would be unlikely to accept such a spelling, because, as the bee is occuring in the United States, and given that the U.S. has its own set of standards in the spelling and pronunciation of English words, the British spelling of ‘color,’ while technically correct, would have no place in a spelling bee occurring in North America, and furthermore, they don’t even call it a “spelling bee” in England. It’s a spelling contest (which, frankly, makes a lot more sense).

TOP V LIST FOR THE DAY has been canceled. This is only the first day of the week.

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