Prepare For the Onslaught of Things to Come

Mostly I just felt like that was an impressive and wordy heading for this entry. I will be getting around to the full-on Site Redux post-move.

I get into my new apartment tomorrow at 9 AM. Would you like to see my rough itinerary for the day?
Shower and pack up the last of the bathroom stuff
Pack up Willy, Exterra for Lap 1
Meet Nancy @ the apt w/ first Festiva load
Load, drive, unload, load, drive, unload…
Get Carol’s help to move the major furniture
Have last load packed before getting ready to meet cable guy
Cable guy’s window; have Jen stay, put together kitchen, bath
See 0925-1230
Eat, get ready for class
Meet Jen @ apt for movie
Travel to theater
Watch Spiderman

We’ll see if things work out this smoothly. Last time I move out of a house in Oshkosh it went pretty well. I have a decent “moving” track record. Pretty nice that Kevin & Amanda are letting me borrow their wheels for the day. The more you can move at once, the better, I figure.

I talked at length with Mark Knuetson last evening. He’s in the throes of moving as well. When I asked him “what’s the best thing about your new apartment?” he said that it was the fact that “it’s his apartment.” I ranked that sentiment #2 on my list, behind architecture.

I got a solid, and fully expected “AB” on my initial presentation in my class this week. I have to do a second presentation next Tuesday, and I still have plenty of preparation to go with that. I really need to sit around and research/think about it today or tomorrow (well, tomorrow’s probably out) and come up with solid research ideas. I am a terrible, inept researcher. I would crash and burn in search of a PhD.

I’m also working somewhat consistently on getting set for Devin’s bachelor party, which is coming up at the end of the month (July that is). I need to make a final head count and commit to a morning activity at this point. Dave Schrubbe had a good idea about brewery tours, and Fallon branched off of there to a brewery on a boat. In the end it’s up to me, but I want to do something other people will enjoy.

I’m going to go to Appleton right after work today to pick up the tickets for the Spiderman show. I figure it’ll cost less to go up there and back than the three dollars in service charges buying tickets on the web. Unless I can get those student rate tix via the website. I did that for H.P. a couple weeks ago, but for some reason, no dice this time around. Who can say?

Thanks for checking in; next time you here from me, I’ll be at my new place.

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