Drowsy and Exhausticaterized

What, you may ask, is an exhausticater? Well, obviously, an exhausticater is something that causes a person to become exhausted. Moving all day is one solid example. Yesterday at around 7 PM, I was utterly exhausticaterized (the condition of having had an exhausticater perform its action upon one’s person).

I got outstanding help from the start to finish from Dave, Jen, Jim, and Carol. Dave spent his bloody day off moving the Bocko, for chrissakes. Who wants to do that? Someone that wants Bocko out so as to sit nekkid ’round the apartment more often, that’s who.

There were some interesting events that transpired during the course of the move. Here they are in what I recall to be chronological order.
8AM: I started the disassembly of my bed. The weight of boxspring, mattress, and my fat self over the course of the past 7 months had stuck the pieces (all made of metal) together very tightly. I had to pound the bed apart with a hammer (cushioned with a block of wood to prevent denting), and this served as Dave’s wake-up call.

810AM: With all the loud pounding, I was unable to hear Dave mumbling: “the bastard’s gone today, he’s gone today…”

1010AM: Jen arrives, and at approximately the same moment, my shampoo and body wash fell through a tear in the spacetime continuum; my only hope is that the other side of the wormhole leads to some point in the not-too-distant future at my new residence.

1120AM: While in transit with the 2nd of two pickup loads, my desk toppled out of the bed of the truck and smashed to pieces on the street. Jen had the best view.

330PM: A wiring problem with the building is discovered by Rick the Technician, meaning no cable or Internet at least until next week.

And the rest was fairly passe moving stuff, I suppose. Oh! Except for:
350PM: Dave discovers that the door buzzer (including intercom and door control) is broken.

That reminds me that I need to call about that.

Today Jen and I are headed back to MKE, though; John Mayer show @ Summerfest tonight, followed by all the 4th of July festivities around town.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you back this way after the holiday.

PS – I didn’t realize that Jeffry Willis had a msg board independent of MSN now. Here it is.

PPS – Wordell has his own domain now, although it simply points to his site on my server.

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