Domestic Discoveries


Yesterday I jotted down some notes about things I’ve found out about/in my apartment. I seem to think of the most random shit when I’m here at home.

1. Maybe one of the reasons I prefer this living alone is literally more time alone with my thoughts. The long stretches of silence seem to suit me. I’ve had a few in the last couple weeks, and during one of them I reflected on whether or not I felt the same about Bozeville. I did.

2. I can’t effectively regulate the temperature in my apartment with the windows. Places I’ve lived before, you can usually crack a window, get that air movin, and pretty soon the atmosphere inside your dwelling will sort of syncronize with the outdoors. Not so up here. I’m not sure if it attributable to the high ceilings, the tallerish buildings that line Main Street (limiting air movement), or if the damn thermostat is just full of crap. But in any case, there was one day earlier this week when the daytime temp did NOT get above 75, and in my apartment, it started out at 73 and topped out at 80.

3. Diced cheese? Just as good as shredded, but more work.

4. Could the reason that the site is better (in terms of content, etc) when I live by myself is directly related to the diminished opportunity to spew these innane ramblings at a roommate? If so, y’all’ll regret it if I ever get a girlfriend.

Take a look at the pictures if you’ve got some time; they are SOOO much easier to browse now!

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