I was saying to Kevin during the course of one of our three phone conversations this morning, “I’m puttin’ out fires all over the place.” Such has been this Monday.

I got in this morning knowing full well that if a number of issues regarding Devin’s bachelor party (it can be discussed under ‘forums’) weren’t settled within 24-30 hours, the whole damn thing would come crashing down on itself, and my ill-scheduled planning would be exposed for all to see.

That being the case, I felt very good about myself considering that before 2 PM, the hotel, the restaurant, and both brewery tours were reserved and ready to go. Right now, I’m waiting on a call back from the auto rental joint, but I anticipate minimal problems there. I may have had to rush, but it’s just about all in order, and that’ll be one less thing on my mind.

Things that were burning at work today: really nothing. I guess that’s all I have on that topic.

I posed a question at Jeffry Willis’s board earlier today, feel free to weigh in on this one if you like: what’s with humanity not having evolved to where everyone’s got six senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, and telekinesis? Is telekinesis *really* asking that much? I don’t even really need it for big/dumb stuff, like lifting cars or flying or something (although the flying would be nice), just little things: that pen is out of reach? There, I’ve got it. I lost the remote? No big deal, I’ll push the buttons with my mind. I need to stir constantly while I’m also chopping on the other side of the kitchen? Taken care of. That’s all I’m asking for. What do you have to do to hook that up, y’know?

It’s been an hour and forty-five minutes since I sent a reservation request to Mayfair Rent-a-Car? in Waukesha. They are getting a call at 3 PM on the nose.

The weekend was fine and dandy; I went up north and helped Dad put in new windows in all the bedrooms. They look nice; that big one in the front is gonna be pretty neat, too. I figure that if those all get done and the Dad manages to finish the deck in the back of the house by the end of summer, you have to call it a successful one. Mom hooked me up with a dresser, too, and next weekend I guess I get a table and some chairs.

It sounds like something just hit the floor pretty hard in another part of the office.

Mayfair has eight minutes left.

If I’ve got anything else during the evening hours, you’ll be the first to know…

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